© O’Connor Roofing Company, 2013 Our Services Made with Xara NEW ROOF INSTALLATION O’Connor Roofing routinely installs a variety of roofing types. Our estimators will provide an overview of available roofing materials and assist you in choosing a roofing product and color that will fit within your style and budget. The most common types of residential roofing we install include: ASPHALT SHINGLES Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material with a wide variety of designs and weights available. Depending on the product, warranties range from 25 year to a limited lifetime. SOLAR REFLECTIVE ROOFING Solar reflective roofing is designed to reflect solar energy and radiate heat away from the roof. During summer months, this technologically advanced roofing can keep a home cooler, enabling homeowners to consume less energy to cool the home and lower utility bills. SYNTHETICS Synthetic roofing products are made of plastics, rubber, polymer and other composite materials. They are designed to realistically replicate the distinctive look of wood shake, tile, slate and other types of natural roofing materials. Synthetic roofing is often lighter and more durable than natural roofing products. IMPACT-RESISTANT ROOFING We install a number of roofing products that are impact-resistant. This is an important consideration as the Denver area experiences its share of hail storms. Impact-resistant roofing may qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. LOW-SLOPED ROOFING Low-sloped roofing poses special challenges for both the selection of materials and installation skills. Your knowledgeable O’Connor estimator can determine your best roofing solution consistent with various county code requirements. WOOD SHAKE Although wood shake is no longer a commonly used material for new roof installations, O’Connor routinely repairs wood shake roofs. Consult with an O’Connor estimator concerning repairs to your wood shake roof that could add years to its life. ROOFING REPAIRS O’Connor’s repair department has the expertise to repair most any roof. If your roof is leaking or missing shingles, contact O’Connor for a free repair estimate. GUTTERS While we don’t install or repair gutters, we work with local companies that specialize in gutters. Your gutter work will seamlessly coincide with the work we do on your roof, so both your roofing and gutter projects will be completed in a timely manner.